» Download ContactCreator 1.2 for Mac OS X 10.2 or later

For Lion users (tested on Mac OS X 10.7.1), watch this video or read below.

To install:
1. Open a .dmg file and copy 'ContactCreator.service'.
2. Open a Finder window. At a menu bar: Go > Go to Folder…
3. Type ~/Library
4. Hit 'Go' then create a 'Services' folder.
5. Select the 'Services' folder, right click and select 'Paste Item'.
6. Open System Preferences > Keyboard > 'Keyboard Shortcuts' Tab > at the left pane, select 'Services'.
7. At the right pane, open 'Text'.
8. Check 'Add Contact' and 'Add List of Contacts'.

To uninstall:
1. Delete the 'Services' folder.
2. Go to: /Users/(username)/Library/Caches/
3. Delete ''.
4. Restart your Mac.

If you can't download, click here