My Key 52

» Download My Key 52.7
fixed: Minimize windows of iTunes
fixed: when iTunes is activeAp

» Download My Key 52.6
improved: when activeApp is in {"Dictionary", "fSync", "Karabiner Preferences"}

» Download My Key 52.5
fixed: if activeApp is "Folder Lister", script killed.
improved: when activeApp is "VideoSpec" or "VLC"

» Download My Key 52.4
fixed: Minimize window of
fixed: if activeApp is "soffice", error: "Can’t get application \"soffice\"." number -1728 from current application

» Download My Key 52.3
fixed: Minimize window of ATOM (text editor).
fixed: if activeApp is "VLC" or "VideoSpec", different version is open, script killed.

» Download My Key 52.2
fixed: Apps (Firefox, VLC, VideoSpec) open for no reason

» Download My Key 52.1
script updated to work with iTunes, Dictionary, fSync, Karabiner Preferences

» Download My Key 52